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Actions that will result in restricted chat abilities:
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  • — Spam, including predictions on any of the site's games
  • — Policy discussions
  • — Racism, harmful speech, or attacking any players
  • — Inviting site users to third-party resources
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Moderators can block a user without giving a reason. Please do not contact the site support if you have received a chat block. Support does not review the decisions of chat moderators.

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How to increase?

You can get additional rakeback percentage if:

— You are a VIP user (have more than 50 million coins wagered)

— You have at least one crypto deposit in the last week

— You have at least one crypto deposit in the last month

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is the return of part of the casino commission. You will receive a certain amount back from each bet you make.

For example, if your rakeback percentage is 10, then you will receive 10% from House Edge on every amount of your bet

The House Edge is a common mathematical advantage that our games have in order to remain profitable in the long run.


The average House Edge for Roulette is ~6.66%


House Edge in Dice is 3%


We charge a fixed fee of 3% on every Coinflip win. House Edge - 3%


3% of all Crash games instantly crash at 1x. House Edge - 3%


Casino games have an RTP (Return to Player) coefficient. Each game has a different RTP - from 92% to 99.95%, so House Edge is from 0.05% to 8%


PLG token contract address 0x27d195f3ff4dc2142328ba1de6715ac10a7ed290

Add PLG to Metamask

PLG Coin is a cash back token created to reward all of the users of PLG.BET casino. All our users who use the PLG token to play receive 3 times more rakeback bonuses.

You can earn money by staking. 50% of the tokens from the monthly profit of the site will be distributed among the stakers of the PLG coins. PLG token holders can earn on staking by receiving a share of casino profits.

    To start stake your PLG Coin:

  • Withdraw PLG token to your MetaMask wallet
  • Go to
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet
  • Write amount of PLG Coins what you want to stake
  • press «STAKE»

After you start staking your coins will be locked for 30 days. For example, if you send tokens for staking, you can get them back after 30 days.
The staking reward occurs every second, but the reward will be available after 7 days from the start of staking.

How to mine PLG

Users of the PLG Coin website receive PLG tokens as a rakeback bonus, so users will be able to receive 650,000,000 PLG tokens. To get a PLG coins, you need to bet on our site The more you bet your bets, the more PLG tokens you will receive.

Currently mined 0/650000000 PLG tokens

Max Supply / Mining / Staking / Burning.

  • Max Supply -
  • For mining - 650.000.000
  • For team - 150.000.000
  • Reserved - 100.000.000
  • Dex Liquidity - 100.000.000
  • Max Supply After Burning - 500.000.000

Whats About Burning?

Every month the casino distributes profits:

  • 50% of casino profits go to the staker reward pool.
  • 25% of the profits remain with the casino.
  • 25% of the site's profits will be burned.
  • We will burn PLG coins until 500.000.000 PLG coins remain.

Bonus System



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How to increase? What is rakeback?
Withdrawn RAKEBACK
  • Become VIP Member

  • Deposit Crypto for last week

  • Deposit Crypto for last month

  • Play with PLG coins

    Multiple all bonuses x6

Telegram bonus

Get 200 coins by fulfilling 2 conditions:

  • Connect Telegram account
  • Subscribe to telegram channel

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