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What is

CSGOPolygon is a brand new way to gamble CS:GO skins and not only. Players deposit skins for credits and bet those credits on a roulette inspired game:

Game «Roulette»:

Bet 1-7 (red) or 8-14 (black) for DOUBLE your credits. Bet 0 (green) for FOURTEEN times your credits.
It doesnt matter how big your inventory is, or how much you bet, your odds are always the same.
Bets occur in real time, across the entire site, meaning you bet, win, and lose along with other players.
All rolls are generated using a provably fair system – ensuring a fair roll each and every time.

Game «Match Betting»:

The multiplier (odds) depends on the total amount of bets on the teams in a particular match, so called crowd-based odds.
You can see the final odds once the match starts. If your team wins, you will get your bet amount multiplied by the final odds on the team you betted on.

Game «Tournament»:

You are betting on the team that you think will win the tournament.
If the team wins the bet you made, then coins will be credited to your balance after the moderators set the results of this tournament.
Tournament bets are accepted until the first game of the tournament begins.
The coefficient depends on how many other players put on the victory of other teams.
Select the team that you think will win this tournament, enter the bet amount and click the (PLACE BET) button.
In order to change a team, you need to select any other team, place a bet with an amount of 1 coin or more, then press the (PLACE BET) button, all your coins from the previous bet will be transferred and added to the amount of the bet that you placed on new team.

Game «Crash»:

To start a crash game you have to place any amount of coins before the round starts.
Once the round starts, the multiplier begins to increase by which your bet will be multiplied if you decide to cashout.
Multiplier can grow to infinity and can also break off at any time.
Your task is to catch the biggest odds as possible or you can also decide to cashout quickly for some quick profit.
Be aware of that crash multiplier may fall at any time. If you dont manage to cashout before it crashes - you will lose your bet.

Game «Dice»:

First write down your bet amount.
Choose any range of numbers, from 0 to 100. You can customize it in any range you want to.
Our site will calculate the odds by which your bet will be multiplied in case you win.
Odds depends on what range of numbers you have chosen previously.
After you click "Play" button - a number will be randomly selected. If it falls between the range youve chosen, then your bet amount will be multiplied by the odds calculated by the site before the start of the game.

Game «Coin Flip»:

You can create your own game. Choose a side (red / black), enter the amount of the bet and click the "create game" button.
You can also take part in an existing game. For this, select the appropriate game from the list. Note that in this case, you will not be able to choose the side you need, you will take the free side automatically.
If you created the game yourself, the game will begin immediately after the opponent finds it. If you do not want to wait, click the "CALL A BOT" button to play against our BOTa (server / not real player).
The game will begin after 5 seconds, the winner is determined after tossing a coin, depending on which side fell and which side you took when creating the game or choosing an existing game.

Are there any fees?

  • Game «Roulette» - no fees.

  • Game «Match Betting» - 5% fees.

  • Game «Match Tournament» - 5% fees.

  • Game «Crash» - no fees.

  • Game «Dice» - 2% fees.

  • Game «Coinflip» - 2% fees.

  • Deposit/withdraw (qiwi) - 0%/5%

  • Deposit (WebMoney) - 0%/5%

  • Deposit/withdraw (Yandex) - 0/5%

  • Deposit/withdraw (Visa/MasterCard RU) - 0/5%

  • Deposit/withdraw (Visa/MasterCard WORLD) - 0%/5%

  • Deposit/withdraw (Crypto) - 0%/7%

  • Deposit (MTS,Beeline) - 0%

  • Deposit (Tele2) - 0%

How much are coins worth?

Coins are the game currency of our site. In our store you can exchange CS: GO game items for coins. Every 1000 coins are equal to 1 $ Steam. For more information about the cost of items, see the section "HOW ARE PRICES DETERMINED?".

How are prices determined?

Baseline prices are determined using publicly available data from SteamAnalyst. Some items are not accepted due to price, volatility, or popularity. Furthermore the following discounts are applied:

Price Off (Deposit) off (Withdraw)
Price0.00$ - 0.05$ Off (Deposit)40% off off (Withdraw)40% off
Price0.05$ - 0.10$ Off (Deposit)30% off off (Withdraw)30% off
Price0.10$ - 0.20$ Off (Deposit)20% off off (Withdraw)20% off
Price0.20$ - 0.50$ Off (Deposit)15% off off (Withdraw)15% off
Price0.50$ - 0.75$ Off (Deposit)5% off off (Withdraw)5% off
Price0.75$ - 1$ Off (Deposit)5% off off (Withdraw)5% off
Price1$ - 5$ Off (Deposit)0% off off (Withdraw)0% off
Price5$ - 7.5$ Off (Deposit)0% off off (Withdraw)0% off
Price7$+ Off (Deposit)0% off off (Withdraw)0% off
PriceStickers and music kits Off (Deposit)10% off off (Withdraw)10% off

Discounts exist to discourage a flood of low-value items and to provide a discount to those withdrawing low-value items over the more popular, big ticket items.

My items are not showing up for deposit?

First, make sure your inventory is set to public.
By default loads items from cache. Occasionally this may become out of date. To load directly from Steam (and update the cache) click the “force reload” button.

Ive deposited but havent received my credits!?

After you have sent the items to the buyer, he must accept your exchange. If the exchange has not been accepted within 10 minutes, the exchange is automatically canceled and your sent items remain with you.
If the exchange was successfully accepted, but you still did not receive the coins, please contact our site support.

How to complete the exchange?

You need to go to the "Deposit / Withdraw" page and check if they sent / received the necessary exchange with the indicated items in the application.
Coins are credited to your balance automatically after a successful application. If this was a conclusion: in the case of an unsuccessful application, you will receive an error message and the coins will be returned to your balance, if successful: receive a notification of a successful exchange.

Will I be refunded if I decline a withdraw?

Yes. If you decline the trade offer for any reason (or it expires) you will be refunded the full amount after “confirming” with our system.

Why did the bot cancel my trade offer?

Our bots automatically cancel trade offers older than 5 minutes to make room for new trade offers. If youre unable to respond within 10 minutes simply “confirm” the old trade offer and try again.

Can I withdraw skins right after depositing?

To open withdraw in our site toy are should make summ 10000 total bets on roulette or crash game.
CSGOPolygon is a gambling site. Our site is not a place to sell your CS:GO skins. If you deposit items without an extra charge (base price), then these items were purchased by our bot (our website), and immediately after the deposit, withdraw money or cryptocurrency, in this case, your withdrawal request may be rejected and you will be credited with wagering. If you have additional questions, please contact support on our website.

What is the Wager?

Wagering is the amount that the user must play on our site in order for him to be able to withdraw the balance from the site.

Wagering can be credited to any user on an individual basis. If you were given a wagering requirement, you can find out the reason in the support on our website by creating a ticket with a question.
How it work:
Roulette: amount of your bet = wager
Crash: profit of your win bet = wager
Match betting: not working
Tournament: not working
Dice: not working
Coin Flip: not working

What is Provably Fair?

Provably fair is a way of generating random numbers using cryptography such that the results can be verified by a third party. This means the operators cannot manipulate the outcome of any roll. In short, we use the results of a state run lottery to seed our RNG (random number generator) – for a detailed explanation see below.

How does it work?

Each roll is computed using the SHA-256 hash of 3 distinct inputs.

How do I verify a roll??

You can execute PHP code straight from your web browser with tools like PHP Tester. Simply copy-paste the following code into the window and replace the server_seed, lotto, and round_id values for your own. Execute the code to verify the roll.

  • $server_seed = "39b7d32fcb743c244c569a56d6de4dc27577d6277d6cf155bdcba6d05befcb34";
  • $lotto = "0422262831";
  • $round_id = "1";
  • $hash = hash("sha256", $server_seed."-".$lotto."-".$round_id);
  • $roll = hexdec( substr($hash,0,8)) % 15;
  • echo "Round $round_id = $roll";

Notice how any change to the lottery results radically changes the rolls.
Note that youll be unable to verify rolls until the server seed is disclosed at 00:00 (MSK).

How does the affiliate system work?

The affiliate system lets anyone earn credits by referring new players to the site. WARNING! Terms of activations promo-codes apply only for users which are logged in through steam. Visit the affiliate dashboard to generate your unique referral code. Share with friends, in forum signatures, or on social media.

The condition for activating the promo code: the user must be authorized through steam, the profile must be open, the paid version of CS:GO (Prime CS: GO and profile rank: Private Rank 2 or +) must be purchased. For activation of the promo code, bonus 2000 coins are awarded. The player whose code has been activated will be credited with 2000 coins after the referral makes bets of 10000 coins or more.

Getting a referral bonus:
Referral bonus - a reward that is awarded to you for bets of all your referrals. The more your referrals make bets, the more coins you will earn.
It is forbidden to use several personal accounts in order to get personal profit from free coins (abuse, farm, multi-account - blocking and zeroing the balance).
WARNING! Prohibited multi account(ban 2 months)!

What is affiliate level?

Your affiliate level determines how much (%) youll earn from each referral. Your affiliate level is determined by the amount of unique depositors youve referred:

Unique Depositors Affiliate Level
Unique Depositors0+ Affiliate Level Bronze (1 coin per 300 bet)
Unique Depositors5+ Affiliate Level Silver (1 coin per 250 bet)
Unique Depositors20+ Affiliate Level Gold (1 coin per 200 bet)
Unique Depositors50+ Affiliate Level Platinum (1 coin per 150 bet)
Unique Depositors150+ Affiliate Level Ruby (1 coin per 100 bet)
Unique Depositors500+ Affiliate Level Sapphire (1 coin per 95 bet)
Unique Depositors1900+ Affiliate Level Emerald (1 coin per 90 bet)
Unique Depositors5000+ Affiliate Level Amethyst (1 coin per 85 bet)
Unique Depositors10000+ Affiliate Level Diamond (1 coin per 80 bet)

You can track your visitor statistics from the dashboard. A green check mark indicates that the player has made at least one deposit (the amount of the deposit does not matter). While youll earn a % from all visitors only those whove made at least one deposit count towards the affiliate level.

Note that for privacy reasons complete steam ids are obscured.

When leveling up your new % is applied to all previous earnings. For example, if youve earned 100k as Bronze affiliate, your earnings will instantly jump to 120k when reaching Silver, and then 150k when reaching Gold – even if none of your referrals or new depositors placed any bets during that time.

Match betting

Can I change my pick before the match starts?

Yes of course, you can change it by placing at least 1 coin on the other side and by this all your previous bet coins also go on this side.

Can I cancel my bet?

No, it is not possible to cancel sports bet.

Why was the match cancelled?

We can cancel the match bets on our site at any time.
We will do it when the match itself is cancelled, a team has gave the game a way by forfeit, someone from one of the teams received a VAC ban while playing the match or in similar situations like this. At worse if something went wrong by our site(the reason will be provided).
At any case the coins will be returned to the users account.

The match started before the bets closed, what happens now?

It matters how long has the match been on for before the bets has closed, but mostly the bets will be canceled and coins returned.

The match has been postponed, what now?

The bet will be game as cancelled and all coins will be returned.

A team was disqualified, but the win was coins were already drawn. What now?

If the coins were already drawn then sadly, but we cannot reverse this and the result will be left as they were.
Such disqualification can be for example if a team cheated in a game, but it was found some time later after the game.